For anyone who knows me well – you know I’m a sucker for conferences. I love inspirational speakers, the chance to assess and change ideas, thoughts, habits… I love how much can happen when you let someone bring wisdom to your world.

So you can understand how excited I was when a good friend introduced a new project to me called Destiny… which is way more than a conference. It is a retreat which gives women the chance to consider their values, purpose, the things they believe they were born to do. Eeeek!

Thing is… it’s in Chicago :( So in order to fund part of my trip, I’m selling part of my rather large arsenal of books. They basically fall into two categories:

1) My guilty pleasure – girly summer handbag reads

2) Christian or leadership books which have shaped my faith, my work, my beliefs and much more.

So… if you fancy some light reading sat in front of the fire with a mince pie or the opportunity to challenge yourself with something a little meatier – please come and buy!!

Simply ‘comment’ below this post – (on here rather than Facebook please so I can keep track!!!) stating which book(s) you would like to take of my hands, then simply come and collect! No deliveries I’m afraid so you’ll need to be Bracknell-ish based. All paperbacks are £1.50, hardbacks are £2.50 and all are in good or excellent condition with no scribbles!

Thanks guys :) xxx

Click link to see the list of books and remember to comment below!!