Well old friends, and hopefully some new ones, today I need your help.

Don’t worry, I’m not trying to flog you anything :) What I need from you is your opinions. I find that the world we live in is one where everyone has an opinion on pretty much everything… and those opinions are not always welcomed, but today I am eagerly seeking yours out.

One of the teams I help out on at our church is the LinK magazine team. A couple of times a year, the church produce a magazine full of stories and articles about people and faith. Please check out some past copies on the Kerith Website if you’re interested… there really are some great stories (and not just the ones I wrote ;))

For the next magazine I have been tasked with providing an article which gives an honest account of the way people see church in this day and age. You see the church has meant different things to individuals and society over the years, it has fulfilled a vast array of roles and has brought up a raft of emotional responses in people depending on their personal experience, belief system and life situations. As a team we are keen to understand what the view of the church is, not necessarily from those who would already consider themselves a part of it, but more specifically from those who wouldn’t.

I think church is...

So… whatever your beliefs, whether you’ve stepped foot inside a church or not, I would love you to leave me a comment with a short phrase that sums up your view of the church. Please be honest, but I would also ask you to be respectful in your replies as well – common courtesy is not dead yet :)

For you Helen Cottee blog regulars, please wing this post around social media sites so that we broaden the net of feedback.

Get commenting people!!!

Edit: Some people have asked to send private message. If you would rather do this please feel free to email me at helencottee@icloud.com